CPR and First aid education for expecting or new parents covering the most important things you need to know to prepare you for an emergency situation with your child.

CPR and First Aid for parents

Providing practical and evidence based first aid training for over 10 years

Practical first aid training

Little Beat First Aid provides infant and child first aid education sessions specifically curated to meet the needs of new or expecting parents.

Sessions are curated by Shrenika, a paediatric nurse and mum of two. This means you will get evidence based information as well as being practical from a parents perspective!

Short, two hour sessions, either in your home, online or public groups, covering just the basics to make you feel more confident in an emergency situation.

Child Friendly First Aid Training
Relaxed First Aid Training
Flexible First Aid Training

Feel confident in knowing what to do and where to get help if your child is unwell or has a life threatening emergency.

These first aid education sessions are perfect for new parents, expecting parents, parents of toddlers or anyone else looking after a child including grandparents, uncles, aunts or older siblings!

You can do it on your own, with a partner, or get a group of friends together and support each other in your first aid education!

This is such a great course!

"So convenient having a private lesson at home. Shrenika is incredibly knowledgeable and kind. This was a great refresher for our extended family. We all felt it was very beneficial and can feel confident should we ever need to apply first aid. The resources provided are good to have on hand."

Stephanie Taylor

Find Out More

We offer three convenient ways for you to learn child and infant first aid. Choose the option that suits you best.

Learn about CPR, choking and other common incidents like, burns, febrile seizures, head injuries and more. Information is prepared by a paediatric nurse and mum so you will learn the most important things tailored specifically to the needs of parents and family caring for little ones.

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Affordable and Flexible

"We were so thrilled to learn about Little Beat. Trying to find an affordable first aid option and work around schedules and babysitting was becoming challenging. Shrenika was timely, informed and professional. This is such a great way to bring some assurance and security into the whanau."

Chad R Walters-McNaughton


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