Child and Infant First Aid Courses to suit you

Are you a new parent? Or soon to be? Do you have little ones at home? 

Then you've come to the right place to gain confidence and feel empowered to deal with an emergency situation at home with your child. Relaxed, child-friendly, practical, baby and child first aid sessions delivered either face to face in your home, online, or attend a public session.

However you do it, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to be prepared.

Child and Infant First Aid Courses

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Learn about CPR, choking and other common incidents like, burns, febrile seizures, head injuries and more. Information is prepared and delivered by a paediatric nurse and mum so you will learn the most important things tailored specifically to the needs of parents and family caring for little ones.

There are four convenient ways for you to learn child and infant first aid. 
Choose the option that suits you and your family best!

Please note: These first aid sessions are for empowering parents and family and due to the time and nature of the session it is not appropriate for those needing workplace first aid certification

Highly recommend to new parents

""Little Beat was an insightful infant first aid course with lots of hands on practice. Our instructor was professional, engaging and informative. We feel more confident that we’d know what to do if our baby ever needed first aid!"

Tay Mark


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