Let's end the self blame

Recently when I was teaching a public first aid session for parents I was talking about febrile seizures. One mum shared her story as she had a question about it.

She asked whether it was because she put her unwell child in warmer clothes because the child was feeling cold. She said she thought she caused it. This is not how febrile seizures are caused and this is one of things I discuss at the first aid sessions.

However, this poor mum had been blaming herself for the seizure all this time because she wasn’t aware and it actually upset me quite a bit.

As parents we have that incredible weight on our shoulders that we are responsible for caring for these little humans and when things go wrong it’s very common for us to blame ourselves.

But accidents happen, illnesses happen. Even when we try to do everything the “right way”.

How many times after your child has gotten hurt or fallen ill have you thought “if only I had done this” or “if only I hadn’t done that”? We are always looking for something or someone to blame and often it ends up being ourselves.

Remember there is no such thing as a perfect parent.

I would love all the parents out there to remember a few points.

❤️ You are always doing what you think is best for your child at that moment in time.

❤️ We all make mistakes. But you can learn from any mistakes that you may have made.

❤️ Give yourself credit for all the great things that you do for your children every day rather than focusing on the negative.

❤️ Your child won’t love you any less because they were ill or got hurt.

❤️ Parenting is a tough gig and you’re doing a great job

After attending the session this mum felt a lot more confident knowing that she hadn’t done anything wrong and knowing what to do in the future if it happened again.

Learning first aid can give you that peace of mind and leave you feeling empowered with the knowledge to help give your child the best chance if a situation arises. Enquire now to find out how you can gain that knowledge with Little Beat First Aid, either through a private in home or online session, or at one the public sessions around Auckland.

Please note: Blog posts are rarely updated after the original post and all info is current at time of posting. All information provided is for information and awareness purposes only and not intended for use as personal medical advice. Always speak with a health care professional for individualised medical advice.


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