Body Ice Kids Ice Pack




Use me as an ice or heat pack to cool and soothe knocks and bruises or when you just want a warm cuddle. You can even use me to keep your lunch and snacks cool and fresh!

Placing an ice-pack on a child can be intimidating and a little scary. BodyICE Kids ice packs are of premium quality and conveniently come with easy to use head and limb straps to keep them in place. They are cute and colourful, and are designed to cool and soothe knocks and bruises, providing instant comfort when your little one needs it most.

The cooling pads are made from medical grade PVC and contain non-toxic gel beads which are super fun for tactile play. You can store our ice packs in the freezer so that they're ready for children to grab when needed (or for play time) or simply microwave them to use as a warming heat pack.
Simple, fun, safe and effective cold compress for kids! 

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