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The soft spot

Baby’s soft spots (I.e. fontanelles) can be a little bit freaky for new parents.A fontanelle is an area where the bones of the skull haven’t fused together yet but there is a thick and very protective membrane there which is what you will feel and (despite what it may feel like!)  you won’t be directly touching their brain. So with normal handling and touching it, you won't be damaging anything.The anterior fontanelle, the one of the top of the head, is the one you can see and feel th...

November 1, 2023

Summer Safety tips for parents

It’s almost summer and its starting to heat up already! After the year we have all had, we can’t wait to head out and enjoy our kiwi summer.  Now I don’t want to be a downer, but it is important to note that with summer fun, there also comes a few summer dangers. Here are 5 important ones and what you can do to help and prevent them to keep our kiddies safe this summer. Sun burn Prevention: Babies under 6 months shouldn’t wear sunscreen due to the possible chemical absorption (Austr...

December 23, 2021

Let's end the self blame

Recently when I was teaching a public first aid session for parents I was talking about febrile seizures. One mum shared her story as she had a question about it. She asked whether it was because she put her unwell child in warmer clothes because the child was feeling cold. She said she thought she caused it. This is not how febrile seizures are caused and this is one of things I discuss at the first aid sessions. However, this poor mum had been blaming herself for the seizure all this time bec...

August 10, 2021

Top 6 choking hazard foods

Small children have smaller airways and their behaviours around eating make them at higher risk for choking. Being aware of foods that are common for children to choke on and come with a higher risk is important to reduce the chance of a choking incident. Of course, children can choke on many different things but here are the top 6 choking hazard foods for children under 5. 1. Grapes The perfect shape and size to completely block an airway and they are also slippery with a thick skin on them whi...

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